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Experience the power of nursing as you embark on this life changing journey. The RN is the center of healthcare. This didactic and ever changing profession allows you to be a compassionate caregiver, a scientist, researcher, educator, and professional collaborator all in one. I welcome those seeking to enter the profession, those curious about what a nurse does, and those who currently worked and retired.

This site is designed by a nurse for nurses! Some of this is science, some is experience, ALL of this is true compassion.  Click on each Room below to see what lies behind the door. With so many rooms to explore, you will want to come back for more to see what newest "patient" or "situation" may be waiting behind the curtain.

There is something here for everyone....

To the High School student who is looking ahead to their future. Understanding what a RN is will be a helpful site to help you make that decision. As you learn nursing history, job descriptions, scopes of practice, and even the current nursing uniform styles, you will see just why this is the greatest career in the world! 

With the evolution of the internet, nursing education has evolved into a combination of clinical, classroom, and online arenas. The entry level nurse, experienced Associated Degree Nurse, and BSN nurse will enjoy learning just what is out there to start or continue their career. Mapping out your educational pathway will help you land the nursing job of your dreams. Let's not be misled here, nursing is more than a job, it is a career. One with many opportunities ranging from education, clinical practice, to leadership and administration.

Where do you see yourself in the future? Exploring the nursing jobs and registered nurse salary units will help you make some great decisions!

Nursing requirements can be tricky. Unfortunately state laws vary from state to state. The process of sitting for your boards is exciting, but can be difficult to understand. After all, you just want to pass that test, get your license, and start doing what you went to school for in the first place. 

The current nurse who likes to learn the latest nursing initiatives and best practice modalities to stimulate some changes in their current will thrive in the best practice initiatives unit. From bedside report, patient centered admission processes, and deescalation techniques, the nurse is always looking for a better, easier, patient centered way of delivering care. 

Let's face it, we are nurses and we love stories. We all have them. From the nursing students first exposure to the dementia patient who urinates in the garbage can, to the multiple trauma where you run out of crash carts, any nurse can relate! Stories allow us to feel, share, experience, and truly love our passion.

There is something here for all of us!

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