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What is a Registered Nurse?

Do you already have an idea of what a nurse is? In a nutshell, a registered nurse (RN) is a person trained to provide basic to advanced nursing and medical care to a person in a variety of healthcare settings. RN's make up the largest workforce in healthcare today. After graduating from nursing school, the RN takes a test proving they have the basic knowledge and skills to provide competent care to people. The RN will perform basic tasks such as bathing a person to working with advanced cardiac drugs that control heart rate and blood pressure. Learn more as you explore! 

The RN is the center of healthcare. Dating back to 1901, nursing care and nurses have flourished into what is now known as America's most trusted profession. This didactic and ever changing profession allows you to be a compassionate caregiver, a scientist, researcher, educator, and professional collaborator all in one.

People often join this field after some sort of "calling". I often ask new nurses interviewing for a position "why did you become a nurse?"

The answer to this question tend to make my eyes swell with tears as I hear about the compassion they provided to a loved one. Others tell of how nurses directly impacted their life and they want to give back. The intrinsic desire to help people becomes the strong influence that makes the long hours, nights of studying, missed holidays with family, and the real sacrifices worth while. 

Why I became a nurse?

To be completely honest I never wanted to become a registered nurse. In fact I wanted to become a physician and work in the Emergency Room. Why you ask? Simple, as a child I was fascinated with a medical book I found in my grandparents living room. I remember viewing the images of anatomy and reading about disease and becoming entranced. I knew I wanted to help people. As a kid I thought that only doctors helped people. Of course as I grew up and experienced real healthcare I learned the truth. You see I was premedical and had great grades as I "became a nurse" to help me make more money while I continued my focus on going to medical school. I worked as a nurse and kept telling myself I needed to be a physician to help people. Slowly the notion of what I was already doing truly hit me. It hit me like a semi-truck barreling down the interstate at 90 miles an hour!

I love healthcare and I love helping people. I do not need to be a physician to be at the top of my game. I can reach patients as a nurse and I can build my education and learn to reach patients in different avenues. Nurses can provide direct care as well as impact systems of how care is delivered. We can research and improve outcomes. We are credible sources that can influence millions of people. This calling I had since I was little is now alive and well. I love being a nurse as I continue advancing my education. We are like sponges who learn at the bedside and continue to adapt as new challenges emerge. this profession challenges me everyday and everyday I want to move a centimeter forward. It is exciting to watch new people enter the field and grow into amazing nurses. We educate, inspire, study, research, and run around crazy helping everyone we can. I love being a nurse!

Why do you want to be a nurse???

My hopes and goals of this site is that some or all can touch you in a way to inspire you to look at this great profession or help you stay in tune after 10 hard years of being in the depths of it. I am not going to lie...Nursing is one of the hardest professions in the world, but we need people. We need people to love it, embrace it, move it forward, and help people. We struggle with staffing, resources, criticism, false pretenses, and blame. Nurses take on challenges from other healthcare providers, family members, and anyone else that may walk into a room. We are strong and deal with a million pounds on our backs. We learn to brush it off, not take it personal, make it about the patient lying in the bed and drudge on. When you see a nurse or if you are a nurse, just give them or tell yourself "THANK YOU!"

A Little Summary of what you will enjoy here....

To the High School student who is looking ahead to their future. Understanding what a RN is will be a helpful site to help you make that decision. As you learn nursing history, job descriptions, scopes of practice, and even the current nursing uniform styles, you will see just why this is the greatest career in the world! 

With the evolution of the internet, nursing education has evolved into a combination of clinical, classroom, and online arenas. The entry level nurse, experienced Associated Degree Nurse, and BSN nurse will enjoy learning just what is out there to start or continue their career. Mapping out your educational pathway will help you land the nursing job of your dreams. Let's not be misled here, nursing is more than a job, it is a career. One with many opportunities ranging from education, clinical practice, to leadership and administration.

Where do you see yourself in the future? Exploring the nursing jobs and registered nurse salary units will help you make some great decisions!

Nursing requirements can be tricky. Unfortunately state laws vary from state to state. The process of sitting for your boards is exciting, but can be difficult to understand. After all, you just want to pass that test, get your license, and start doing what you went to school for in the first place. 

The current nurse who likes to learn the latest nursing initiatives and best practice modalities to stimulate some changes in their current will thrive in the best practice initiatives unit. From bedside report, patient centered admission processes, and deescalation techniques, the nurse is always looking for a better, easier, patient centered way of delivering care. 

Let's face it, we are nurses and we love stories. We all have them. From the nursing students first exposure to the dementia patient who urinates in the garbage can, to the multiple trauma where you run out of crash carts, any nurse can relate! Stories allow us to feel, share, experience, and truly love our passion.

There is something here for all of us!

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