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John Green, RN, MSN

Welcome to my site!

I love this amazing profession and all it truly stands for. The nurse holds the real power to help improve healthcare across the country. We can save lives and money and improve overall health and well being. We are educators and teachers, healers, motivators, problem solvers, coordinators, and so much more. We will fix your wound, keep you safe, while helping you figure out how to pay your bills while in the hospital. Yup, we are Nurses, We do it all! 

I have been a Registered Nurse since 2000. I began my healthcare career when I joined the U.S. Army in 1997. I trained as a Combat Medic and served for 6 years. The military provides a great structure and approach to learning.

I am currently the nurse manager of 2 units at Glens Falls Hospital , located in beautiful upstate New York in the amazing Adirondacks!

I want to share my vast experience of nursing and healthcare with you. Whether you are new or a seasoned nurse, I hope you find value in my site. My goal is continue growing and adding as I continue to learn and grow in nursing. I have worked in many places such as nursing homes, hospitals, and clinics. I have been a staff nurse, supervisor, clinical coordinator, and a manager. I received my BSN and MSN in nursing administration from Kaplan University. I achieved my ADN from Vermont Technical College.  I have worked with amazing mentors along my journey. I achieved a fellowship in nurse leadership through the VONL as well as was voted Nurse Leader of the Year at GFH.

I love nursing and healthcare and invite you to experience the greatest profession in the world!

I hope you Enjoy my site!

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