Do You agree with senator mccain?

Do you agree with Senator John McCain's statement on Friday September 22, 2017?

The Republican from Arizona announced he would not vote for the GOP's latest bill on health-care, according to the Washington Post, because the plan is rushed. 

The United States, once again may face an inability for Congress to figure out a healthcare plan for us. Many feel President Trump will turn to the democratic party for help is the republican GOP can't come to terms.

The New Deadline: September 30, 2017!

Now the rush for Republican Senators to pass repeals to Obamacare with just 50 votes rather than the usual 60. But is a rush the right way to go? Did Senator McCain's refusal to vote help reduce a quick and hurried decision to repeal Obamacare? Here is the latest Republican Bill:

The Graham-Cassidy Bill

Healthcare strategy: Use of Block Grants

Block Grants: Sums of money the federal government turns over to each state to determine how to spend it on their unique healthcare system

Senator Schumer stated this bill is "More dangerous and more reckless than the previous bill that was defeated"

Critics feel this bill could allow insurance companies to cut areas of coverage needed based on poorer states while others can cut medicaid with spending caps. 

No Democrats are in support of this bill due to the above risks. See what President Trump has to say:

Read His Tweets Here!

Watch What President Trump says about Senator McCain

What Does Bernie have to say about this bill??

Do you agree with Bernie Sanders and his statements that this bill will kic people off insurance? He says that they will die!

What do all the Nurses think here?

As a nurse, I love taking care of all people that walk thru the doors of the hospital. Some private pay, many with medicare and no payer source. Regardless of this little variable, I could care less. Unfortunately as a manager I have to look at budget and understand how those without insurance or with medicare can hurt our little hospital. Again, we will provide healthcare to anyone who walks into the door. Unfortunately if more people are cut from insurance this means less primary care and more emergency room visits and people getting sicker due to this type of wait until its too late. Is this alternative to Obamacare a good idea? Let each state make the decision based on their economic situation? Will preexisting conditions be protected at each state level? I worry about New York state and whether or not this bill would allow affordable care. How will this be decided by each state? As a nurse I see how power and VIP status can gain improved care. I worry very much as a nurse how each state could verify what affordable is, thus dropping many people in each state. 

Again, healthcare is a right and not privilege! I love listening to all these Senators share their views on healthcare reform and how money should be spent. I say, come visit a hospital and see how it really goes down. We care for people with or without insurance, some with no place to live, many with no safe discharge plans. We invest our own funds and rely on donations from good people to help pay for all the lost costs. I must say that at lest Senator Chuck Schumer visits the hospitals in the fight to give healthcare to all people, not just those who the State will view as being able to afford care. Maybe they will think people only have healthcare insurance to buy? Maybe some of the Senators who don't have to pay for their own healthcare should give up some of their expenses to see what sacrifice really is.

On a final note, I chose to believe in a Senator like Chuck Schumer who chooses to fight for healthcare for all, especially our children in New York State!