How To Become A Registered nurse

Are you ready to become a registered nurse? Congratulations for landing here.  For this, I applaud you! Before we explore exactly what it takes to be a RN, I must tell you this right off the bat, it is not going to be easy. This will take time, dedication, focus, autonomy, will power, creativity, teamwork, and hard work. You will need to apply yourself in ways you never imaged. You will need to work through situations that will challenge your mind and your gut. Put yourself out there to medical professionals to make sure another human life is cared for. You will work with people who have worked in healthcare and medicine for years, however you must not shy away or be intimidated. You got this!

How to become a registered nurse:
Education Requirements

In order to become a registered nurse, you will need to attend some form of college. The nursing education process is often referred to as Nursing School. There are various approaches to the educational requirements. For example, taking prerequisites such as anatomy and physiology prior to formal acceptance to a RN program allows the student to focus on the core nursing curriculum. Some students elect to go right to a university and obtain a four-year degree prior to sitting for their boards. Be sure to read the What is a Registered Nurse before taking this journey. This is a huge commitment. School costs money. Know what you are getting into.

You will want to be aware of the educational requirements before jumping right into school

Registered Nurse Web has a whole section focused on Educational Programs. Once you explore the requirements and understand what it takes to become a registered nurse, research your school and get ready for the ride. 

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NCLEX Process

The next step in the process to become a registered nurse, involves taking the NCLEX exam. After a nursing student graduates, the process of proving you have met the education requirements to sit for the test that will provide you a license to work as a registered nurse is next. This is the most anxiety producing part of becoming a nurse. All your hard work, countless hours working on papers, taking tests, surviving clinical, working in labs, and writing care plans will be put to the test. One very important test. The test that will let you begin working as a registered nurse. You will want to take some time and navigate through this section to understand this process. 

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The final step to become a registered nurse involves obtaining a license to practice nursing in your state of residence. Each state has a board of nursing that will issue you a license verifying you as a registered nurse. This license must be produced to any employee to which you will seek a position will. You will receive a physical paper license in the mail, as well as be registered with your states board of nursing. This is so much more than just a piece of paper. Your license must be valued, respected, and understood. It must be renewed and always stay active in order fro you to work as a registered nurse. Without this, your nursing degree means very little.

Each state charges a fee to obtain your license and to renew it before it expires. Each state has a process. Explore this section to learn as much as you can about this. 

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Make sure you explore each of the 3 sections here. Understanding the education requirements, NCLEX process, and licensure process will prepare you to become a registered nurse.

Are you ready to explore the greatest profession in the world? Are you dreaming about being a highly sought out medical professional that can work in a variety of settings anywhere in the world? 

That's what I thought! Good for you...Keep exploring this site. After all, the more educated you are on the process, the careers, the history, the salary, even the uniforms, the more successful you will become.