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new york leads the way

October 25, 2017: Governor Andrew Cuomo visited Glens Falls Hospital today to make a very important announcement. The governor chose this location based on two important variables he openly discussed. First, upstate New York has lacked government assistance for over 50 years. The governor has brought funds to upstate New York in an effort to increase economic growth, tourism, and to improve healthcare in the region. The second variable is near and dear to the hearts of the one million New-Yorkers impacted by cancer, or as the governor stated, "the c word". 

The governor was accompanied by the Department of Health Commissioner, Dr. Howard Zucker, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner Basil Seggos, and Senator Betty Little. The joint efforts and vision to take a proactive stance against the fight for cancer was loud and clear. Dr. Zucker stated that there are one million New Yorkers currently impacted by cancer, which does not include all the family and loves ones indirectly impacted. The need to take a different approach is evident. Here is how New York is responded to the new fight on cancer.

Cancer initiative:
New York states approach

So exactly how does the governor and his team plan to stay one step ahead of cancer, creating a proactive approach?  First, a statewide look at the current cancer rates has identified four locations where cancer rates are exceptionally high. Warren county, one of the identified regions, will be take part in a year long, $500K budgeted study to determine why cancer rates are higher. Once the reasons for cancer can be determined in these areas, prevention efforts can take place to fight it before it can begin. The governor stated that no other initiative like this exists in the country and he vows to ensure everything that can be done in the state of New York will be done to fight cancer.

The announcement touched the hearts of many in the room, especially a gentleman in the audience who personally thanked the governors stance and approach as he lost his wife 12 years ago to brain cancer. This was a wonderful message to hear, especially as the nation faces healthcare cuts and threats by the Trump administration on a daily basis. Healthcare dollars must exist to ensure current disease is treated while looking at ways for ongoing and improved prevention.

Way to go New York State for taking this wonderful proactive approach for the fight for cancer!

Watch the full press conference at Glens Falls Hospital Below