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This section is dedicated in helping you find continuing education to maintain your RN license. In addition to your license, many organizations require a certain number of CEU's for general employment or if there is a clinical ladder program. Continuing education is very important to keep up with all the changes nursing and healthcare faces. Stay in the know and keep learning.


As I am building this page looking at the American Nurse Association Home page, CEU's are now known as Continue Education Contact Hours. See we are always learning in this amazing field.

Back to the ANA - I have been a member of the ANA and my states association for over 14 years. I enjoy reading the current news, trends, as well at what conferences will be offered. This is an amzing place to network and meet amazing professionals. Opportunities can srping up when you least expect them. I could go on and on, however I will focus. I do want to share one amazing opportunity I had with the ANA. 

WHile attending a national staffing conference, I shared an initiative we were using in my little country hospital in Southern Vermont. That conversation fell on the ANA event coordinator's ears. I was soon contacted and asked to do a poster presentation on our patient centered admission process. Myself and three colleagues received a paid trip to New Orleans to present our work at the National Staffing Conference. What an awesome experience!

So back to the ANA - Go visit their site, whether you are a RN or a student. The monthly dues are cheap for what you will get out it as well as the great continuing education credits they offer. is a great online site to obtain relatively cheap contact hours. I had the opportunity to work at a RN.Com staffing event in Manhattan, NY. What a professional company this is. Their representatives had lots of knowledge, plus asked vendors from the various hospitals questions to help them stay current. Very professional and highly recommended. provides CEU's for very cheap. I was a member for a year and took advantage of the pay one fee for unlimited Contact Hours. I see the site offers unlimited CEU's for a year for $19.99. Not a bad deal. In fact I might just sign up after writing this page :-) - (No I receive nothing from any of these sites for saying this. Just sharing my personal experiences that have kept my license alive and well for many years!)

New York State Nurses Association

Sorry, I have to include my state in here! 

This site includes the mandated license requirements for child abuse and infection control. In addition to CEU's their are NYSNA workshops and a Seminar at Sea! What! You can cruise around the Hawaiian islands while learning about "Changes affecting the nursing profession today and in the future" Go visit the NYSNA site and enjoy!


I have heard good things from my psychiatry nurse associates regarding the American Psychiatric Nurses Association. Over 10,000 psychiatric nurses from the entire world make up the APNA membership. This is a great place if you are a mental health nurse. Go check it out, join, and continue learning!


PESI offers videos, seminars, conferences, and books to meet continuing education needs for the RN. They have been around since 1979 and have credibility. I have attended a few PESI conferences over my career. They offer free CE credits for viewing recorded seminars. Go to the site, click online learning, then click Free Online CE Seminar. - This seminar is titles "Mindfulness, Healing, & Transformation" - I just reviewed it and it is very interesting!

take a look at these additional sites to earn Continuing Education for free or a small fee:

Philips Learning Connection


Healio Education Lab


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