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I am super excited you want to be a Registered Nurse and want information on the educational programs available. There are so many options today for anyone thinking about a career in nursing. From traditional nursing school programs to online sites, the student has options! 

As discussed in the Educational Requirements section of the site, the student nurse can opt to obtain an associates degree in nursing or a bachelors prior to taking the NCLEX and receiving a RN license to practice. This section will examine actual RN schools, both campus and online, as well as provide information for the future student.  

What Educational Programs are you interested in? Before answering, explore the different options and decide what is the best fit for you. 

You will want to visit the Future Students section to look at prerequisites courses and considerations. This is beneficial for the high school student! 

This is a great little saying I found for the future and current nursing student! Plan ahead, be determined, be ready to work hard, and prepare for many challenges and you will defeat nursing school!

Go ahead and explore each section. Knowledge is power and you will want to get it right the first time. The last thing you want to do is transfer from school to school or wish you picked a class prior. Be educated on what will be expected of you. 

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Here is a Great Motivational Video to get you started!

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