NCLEX Process

Now comes the NCLEX Process....But first, Congratulations on graduating RN school and surviving the last few years. I knew you could make it. Now comes the really fun part....getting ready to take your state boards so you can have a license to practice nursing. I don't want you to panic here. Break this process into steps and simply move from one step to the next. You made it through nursing school, you will make it through the NCLEX process. Take a deep breath, focus, and let's get started!

Here is a look at the NCLEX Process following some key basic steps:

  • Contact your Board of Nursing where you wish to test - BON List Here
  • Board of Nursing/Regulatory Body Declares you Eligible to test
  • You Will Receive an Eligible to Test (ATT) via E-Mail
  • Schedule an appointment using the Information in the ATT - typically you have 90 days to test
  • Register Online @ Pearson VUE Website 
  • Register By Phone 1-866-293-9600 Toll Free
  • Registration Fee: $200 (U.S. Licensure)
  • Schedule your appointment/test
  • Present 1 form of I.D. (U.S. Drivers license or state issued ID or Passport)
  • Present your ATT 

Find More Details on the NCLEX Process in the easy to follow PDF 


Ask your nursing instructor and/or School counselor to help you start this process before graduating.

Get this process done as soon as possible so you can focus on taking your test - NOT Signing up for your test

Get the details right the first time - You may be charged fees if corrections are needed

See that was not too bad at all! Now that you made it through the process it is time to buckle down and prepare for the actual test.