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This section will focus on the NCLEX RN exam in terms of study habits and courses to help you pass. This test is what stands between you and you as a registered nurse! Lets get to work

NCLEX RN Study Habits

Personally, you should be thinking about taking the NCLEX the whole you are in nursing school. Most programs prepare you as well while you navigate from course to course. With that said it is important to keep these study habits in mind!

Have the Right Mind Set! You are your worse enemy!

Go into this positive with a winning attitude. Think positive and stay focused. Mentally prepare yourself to make some time where you can focus, relax, and just breathe.  If you get into a positive study mode, free of distraction and emotions you can be 10 times more efficient with your productivity.

So find a peaceful place get rid of your cell phone! 

Seriously - free yourself from distraction like the internet, cell phones, television, and any other distraction that comes your way. Good time to tell the kids and friends to get packing for a while!

You may be asking - what if I am using the internet to study?

Simple! Close down all other programs such as E-Mail and other applications to avoid you from multi-tasking. Because we all know the brain can truly only focus on one thing at a time. Truly we call this parallel tasking. Who knows that could be a board question!

Take Great Notes from classes that will benefit you later on as you study.

For some great tips check out these great techniques that will help you!

I encourage you to study by yourself and with small groups to help you think about things differently with your peers, become interactive, verbally talk and articulate things to hear how the sounds, and to keep things from becoming boring. Mix it up so you stay engaged. 

Don't forget to take care of yourself!

  • Eat healthy and stay hydrated - junk food will cause you to crash and dehydration causes irritability.
  • Exercise daily - this will lower your stress level, release some endorphins to brighten your mood. You don't need to hit the gym, a 25 minute walk will go a long way.
  • set aside time every day to allow for short intervals and refrain from cramming the night before.

NCLEX Courses

Are you ready to crush the NCLEX? Courses and help is available to help make sure this happens!

Hurst Review - This program course guarantees you will pass if you complete the course in entirely and take within 3 months of completion. The cost is between $325-$425 based on the package you chose. Looks very comprehensive. Take a look at the main site to learn more

NCSBN- National Council of State Board of Nursing offers courses based on numbers of week you wish to sign up for. A 3 week course costs $50 while a 15 week course is $160. The course contains over 1,300 practice questions, 30 quizzes, and thousands of pages of content. IF you want more information or to sign up visit the NCSBN Site Here

Kaplan- Kaplan has been providing study guides and review courses for years. I took a course to pass the boards in 2000. It was so great I ended up attending Kaplan university to obtain my BSN and MSN. The cost of the course ranges from $299-$499. Get $50 off my using this link to sign up and learn more!

Brilliant Nurse - This site offers courses that are FREE to $199. For a free Pre-Test containing 2017 questions and rationales, visit Brilliant Nurses Now

Anderson NCLEX-RN Review - Comprehensive 5 day course that covers need to know areas, priority of care in hospital and community settings, Computer Adaptive Testing, and More! This course costs $395 WITH GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE. Go to Anderson NCLEX-RN Review 

NCLEX Prep Guide- Over 1,800 questions and answers to help you prepare for the boards. See what diseases to be aware of and why, standards of practice, safety, critical thinking, and so much more, Looks very comprehensive and a decent price offered - $199.99. Find out more about NCLEX Prep Guide


Saunders Comprehensive Review - 7th edition contains over 5,200 exam style questions

Lippincott Q&A 12 Edition

HESI Comprehensive Review 4th Edition - Provides an easy to read style with 700 practice questions in critical thinking, clinical highlights, and More.