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Local Nursing Jobs

SO now your a Registered Nurse! I am sure you will look for a local nursing job before running across country or around the world. You will want to get started in the nursing world and land your first job. Get some experience, build your skills, and gain some colleagues along the way. Local nursing jobs are the best way to start out your career. Think about it, you are familiar with the area you live or go to school, why not stay there as you learn your new passion?

I have worked with nurses who leave home and start their careers in a new place. Although this doesn't seem like a bad idea, I often felt bad as they not only tried to learn nursing, they also had to learn their new neighborhood, community, home or apartment, and state. In addition to losing much of their support system as well. My advice? Stay put for a little while and move one step at a time. Work at your local hospital. You will be amazed at the skills and knowledge of those in your hometown! 

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Hospital jobs

Hospital jobs for the registered nurse are probably the #1 sought out job or opportunity. You can work in a variety of settings from medical and surgical units to the emergency room and recovery room. Hospital jobs are exciting, fast pace. and full of learning and growth opportunities. Every nurse should experience what it is like to work in a hospital. 

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New York Nursing Jobs

SO I just had to put New York Nursing Jobs next, because well, I live and work in New York and why not come work for me? OK, had to throw that in there! Of course if NY is your home, then still falls under local nursing jobs. Regardless, New York offers both big city and rural opportunities. I have met many nurses who move upstate to gain experience and build a great foundation that allows them to be successful in the big NYC hospitals. New York Nursing Jobs are amazing. You will need to learn more though as some areas like NYC hospitals require BSN and experience as "entry level" while others in more rural areas hire ADN nurses right out of school. You will want to explore this option more.

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Federal Nursing Jobs

You can always take a job with the federal government as a registered nurse. Federal nursing jobs provide great pay, benefits, and growth. I have met many nurses who worked at Veterans Affairs (VA) facilities. VA opportunities are sometimes difficult to come by, however once you land one you might want to hunker down and relax a bit. I would like to include working for the military in this section to. As a former Army Medic, the training and benefits are amazing. Being a registered nurse in the military would mean being an officer and reaping even more rewards and benefits. Not a bad gig to think about!

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Travel Nursing

Travel nursing is a great way to see the country or world, while making amazing money. I don't advise the new nurse to turn to travel nursing as it does come with it's own challenges. I would recommend having a solid nursing foundation of at least 2 years before becoming a travel nurse. I would also recommend you pay special attention to what kind of assignment you accept. You don't want to travel half way around the country to find out you are working in the Emergency Room at night when you barely have med-surge nursing under your belt. 

Travel Nursing pays great, including housing or housing allowance if you chose. (Typically either or, depending on the company). In addition the base rates are higher than the staff. Remember you are there to provide a temporary service due to extremes going on in the organization. The workforce may be severely low (typical reason to hire travel nurses) or worse on strike!, OR the hospital or organization is rolling out major initiatives such as an electronic medical record and need to increase nurses to train their core staff.

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Cruise SHip Nursing Jobs

I almost fell over when I learned about cruise ship nursing jobs. I mean, seriously? I have no experience here, but wanted to share the wealth to all my nursing amigos. I guess it makes sense. People get sick no matter where they are at. God help you if you get too sick while hundreds of miles at sea! I do know this type of nursing requires autonomy, skill, and emergency room experience. Great way to travel, enjoy the scenes, make some money, and have a good time. See, I told you nursing is the greatest profession in the world!

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Private Duty Nursing Jobs

I was discharging this great little elderly lady when her son asked me if I would be her private duty nurse. I had never had a private duty nursing job and was happy in my current hospital job on the medical unit. The son offered to pay me $35 an hour. I helped out when I could. It was the easiest job I think I ever had. nursing care was provided to one patient, while managing her care, medications, appointments, and so on. I was used to doing this for multiple. SCORE! It was not exactly for me as I love the hustle bustle world of nursing. It is a great nursing job to look at if you want to take it slow, add a second income, or work while continuing your nursing education. Lots of potential here, unless your poor patient dies. This has happened to many of my nursing friends. Just something to think about.

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Forensic Nursing jobs

Every time I watch Law and Order or CSI, I think man I need to be a forensic nurse! Looks kind of exciting and interesting. I have worked with nurses who moonlight as medical examiners, prison nurses, sexual assault nurses, and nurse paralegals. I am grouping these all together here as I personally think they all relate. Forensics is a newly emerging career pathway for registered nurse. 

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Per diem nursing jobs

Per-Diem or "as Needed" jobs are a great way to stay involved in a certain type of nursing without being committed to a structures schedule. Many nurses feel obligated to stay on per-Diem after leaving a unit or organization. I often feel it is due to the lost feeling of leaving behind great co-workers and patients. Per-Diem positions work well for the employee and the organization. The employee can pick and chose shifts, while the organization can fill critical holes in the schedule and avoid paying benefits.

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International Travel Nursing Jobs

I remember working as a travel nurse in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). One of the RN's shared a story about how he would take travel assignments to Saudi Arabia. His story was fascinating as he shared how he worked in the palace and had special clearance and worked on the royal army there. Amazing story and opportunity! Again, nursing is simply the greatest profession in the world!

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Nursing home jobs

I started my nursing career in a nursing home and glad that I did. I learned basic care on long term residents as well as how to identify changes in condition, work on team to reduce falls and pressure ulcers, while learning to delegate and manage a team. I obtained great skills at my nursing home job! Many times the Registered Nurse can grow quickly in the nursing home and end up in management and director positions. 

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