rn license requirements

I would like to focus on the RN license requirements in this section. It is important that you understand what these requirements are in order to ensure you obtain your initial license as well as renew it every few years. Each state has certain restrictions. Lets take a look at the general requirements that all people need in order to be a licensed Registered Nurse

General RN License requirements

Get ready to make sure you meet these basic requirements in order to be a licensed Registered Nurse!

  1. Graduate a state approved nursing program or provide verification that will graduate.
  2. Pass the NCLEX exam 
  3. Self report any criminal convictions, functional deficits, or chemical dependencies. 

contact your state board of nursing

state rn license requirements

Many  states have additional requirements such as certain courses completed such as infection control or mandatory reporting education. It is very important to understand this, especially if you are seeking a license in a state you did not attend nursing school.

Let Me Repeat that last statement - It is important to know the state in which you are obtaining your license - ESPECIALLY IF YOU ARE ATTENDING SCHOOL IN A DIFFERENT STATE!

Please be aware of this! 

I attended school in Vermont and recall one of my peers moved after graduation and could not obtain a license in Florida due to not having that states required maternity credits. I believe she had to attend a class prior to meeting FLA eligibility. What a drag!

Fortunately you are in Luck!  EveryNurse.Org has a site showing each states requirements for licensure. I advise very strongly to take a quick look. For example New York requires 3 contact hours of infection control every 4 years and 2 contact hours in child abuse. 

IN addition, once you obtain your license You Must Keep It!

The EveryNurse.Org site lists continuing education credits. I have met fellow RN's who have forgotten to obtain CEU's (Continuing Earned Credits) and lost their license. They were able to renew, however could not work while filing and sending in proof of credits. DON'T let this happen to you.

Continuing Education Credits are not difficult to obtain and many professional sites offer free credits with memberships. For example the American Nurses Association (ANA) has great CEU's for free or reduced rates for members. 

Because this topic is important, I have decided to build a separate page to help guide you.

Again, read the state RN license requirements and look at the initial and annual CEU requirements in the link above. Next Click HERE to go to the Continuing Education Section!