tuition assistance

Tuition assistance programs will help you reduce the financial burden, allowing you to focus on your education. In this section I will examine state and federal programs available to help you or your child attend school.

New york state tuition assistance

New York State Tuition Assistant Program

TAP is a NY state program that provides tuition to qualifying students based on yearly income. Annual awards can be as high as $5,165 per year. To find schools, apply online, and identify eligibility Please visit the TAP site Now

Free NY State Tuition?

Are you a first time college student looking for an undergraduate school? Is your combines household income $100,000 or less for 2017?

Then you may qualify for free tuition this fall (2017) Read More Now!

Visit the FAQ to learn more

Not from New York or heading to a NY college? No problem! The great news is almost every state in the country offers a grant or scholarship opportunity for student nurses. It is perfect time to start looking into your state's criteria and application deadlines. 

The National Association of Student Financial Aid Administrators - NASFAA has a great website that allows you to find out programs offered in your state. Just click your state on the map and get started.

To visit the NASFAA State Financial Aid Program CLICK HERE!

Do not forget about employer tuition programs. For example, my great hospital provides up to $2500 per year!   Many hospitals and healthcare organization provide some sort of tuition assistance to help increase the education of those they employ. 

Here is more information on employer assistance programs and scholarships

federal tuition assistance

A great way to obtain help with school is by joining the armed forces. I took advantage of this in the 90's and obtained money from the GI Bill. 

The Army National Guard offers tuition assistance such as: 100% of $250 per semester credit hour, up to $4500 per fiscal year

To learn more about tuition assistance from the Army National Guard and Air National Guard view the site now!

Explore the post 9/11 GI Bill - Find out what benefits you are entitled to if you already served in the armed forces after September 10, 2001.

Visit the Post 9-11 Bill Now for more information

Financial Aid is always available for the nursing student. Identify your options and rights about financial aid HERE 

You will need to fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FASFA) - create an account, provide information to help determine what loans and grants you will qualify for. There are important deadlines to watch. 

Go Fill out your FASFA now before it is too late!

Student loans can be complicated and scary. I should know - I am still paying them off! The Army helped me with my undergrad school, however for my Master's I took out graduate loans. I have been fortunate to find lower repayment plans and rates. DO not get into this type of cycle. I encourage you to learn all the different types of loans and repayment options now. I know you are excited to jump into school and will worry about paying later on. I completely understand this and I am so glad you feel this way.

Just take a peek at studentLoans.Gov site and do a little more research to help you understand all your student loan options.

I wish you the best as you figure out how you will pay or receive grants or help for nursing school!